Welcome to Ultratan Sunbed Hire Ltd

Ultratan Sunbed Hire Limited provide a full range of the very latest, quality equipment for sunbed hire in Yorkshire, within the Harrogate, Leeds, York, Ripon and Otley areas.

Established in 2011, Ultratan Sunbed Hire Limited supply only the very best in home hire sunbeds, with a choice of either lie-down canopy sunbeds with high intensity facial boosters, or the amazing 24 tube VX240 home hire stand-up sunbed. Complete with full length body breeze panel, this sunbed is the premium home hire sunbed.

Many of our clients now choose to hire a sunbed in their own home rather than use a salon, as it is far more convenient. Sunbed equipment for home use has come a long way since the 1960’s! Choosing the right sunbed hire company is important and the equipment we provide is manufactured in the UK to the highest standards.

Everyone has their own reasons for hiring a sunbed: sometimes it’s a pre-holiday tan, a special occasion or maybe a wedding? It is important to use a reputable sunbed hire company and to remember that the product you are buying is a suntan. This is essential, as many companies in the UK hire sunbeds but fail to maintain the equipment to ensure you achieve the tan you desire. We are that reputable Yorkshire company, able to deliver you with that quality product and service within the Harrogate, Leeds, York, Ripon and Otley areas.

It is often a mistake to hire a cheap unit as it is unlikely to deliver the tan you hoped for; which can be a disaster if, for example, you have hired the sunbed in order to obtain a tan for a special occasion. At Ultratan, there is no need to fear any such disaster. The equipment is genuinely the latest sunbeds available for home hire. All our sunbeds are fitted with fast tanning tubes, cooler fans to maintain optimum tanning temperature, and they arrive clean and on time.

So if you live in Yorkshire, within the Harrogate, Leeds, York, Ripon or Otley areas, Ultratan Sunbed Hire Limited is the first and only choice if you want to obtain the perfect tan in the comfort of your own home.



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